A vast experience…

Ressources logiques RSO Inc.’s president has a thorough knowledge of curriculum evaluation and has a solid experience in many fields of docimology. After spending more than twenty-five years in Education, from K-12 to university level and after a solid training in new technologies coupled up with higher level studies in measurement and evaluation, René Saint-Onge will certainly be able to put all of this experience to good use for your enterprise. His classical course, his bachelor’s degree in technology and his Master’s degree in Education testify for his skills and competence…

… to carry out your demands!

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of past projects already fulfilled by René Saint-Onge, Ressources logiques RSO Inc. or by Les Productions Tornade.

  • Gathering, transfer and production of 8,000 items on CD-Rom (Macintosh and Windows) for the users of LXR-TEST 5.0/5.1
  • Construction of a series of prediction tests (based on a Multiple Regression Model) to select candidates for a private college.
  • Creation of an innovative model to select candidates for the Middle Years Program (selection based on affective variables).
  • Production of a number of diagnostic tests in maths to help the transition of students going from Secondary V to the first year of CEGEP.
  • Creation of a survey to measure the degree of satisfaction of teachers of K-12 schools with regards to new technology
  • Transfer of thousand questions for a private enterprise that wanted to use LXR-TEST 5.1 instead of their traditional word processing software.

This list shows the wide range of expertise in different fields that marked our past projects.
Do you need someone to help you revise your training program? Do you want to produce and maintain an item bank that will help you measure the mastery of your training objectives? You want to choose the best candidate for that new opening in your company?

Call upon our expertise in docimology

You would like to integrate web testing to your site? You would like this section of your site protected from unwanted intruders? Or maybe you would simply like to create a new website for your company?

Call upon our expertise in technology

Our global approach includes all the aspects of technology in the evaluation of learning skills.

  • In depth analysis of your needs
  • The proposal of a complete solution
  • The installation and configuration of our software with your system
  • The training of your staff
  • Technical follow-up and support

Fees for professional consulting

It’s difficult to render in a table different scenarios that would cover all instances of consulting fees, since each situation is quite distinctive. It will be easier to assess the right amount for a mandate after discussing your needs and objectives.
Nevertheless, here’s basic figures for a first consultation. Fees for a definite project will be offered with an official quote. The consulting fees will help you articulate your problem or need.

DescriptionProduct code
Fees for technical ConsultationW6CONSUL-L3c125$ CAD/h
Fees for Professional ConsultationW6CONSULD-L3c 150$ CAD/h
Traveling fees (Canada Revenue Agency)0,54$ CAD/km

One hour minimum. The clock starts ticking when we leave our office.