Without any doubt, Resslog’s first mandate is the distribution of the evaluation software known as LXRTEST. Being a user of MeasureUp, which preceded LXRTEST 3.0, René Saint-Onge became the LXR expert all over the French community of Quebec. Resslog translated and distributed LXRTEST 5.0, 5.1 for commercial and educational enterprises all over the world. Now Resslog main objective is to deploy LXRTEST 6.0, still the state of the art when it comes to using assesment and evaluation software packages.

Resslog offers more than the distribution of LXRTEST. We are also involved in training. We can show you how to integrate LXRTEST in different scenarios of measurement and evaluation schemes and also show you how to use the software to construct and manage item banks. Resslog also offers expertise in taxonomy classification.

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Since the launch of LXRTEST 6.0, Resslog has signed an agreement with Mr. Rhett Tindal, creator of the software, to distribute the English versions of LXRTEST 6. This agreement states that each reseller must be able to offer the infrastructure capable of supporting all the new features of LXR. This requirement is intended to do justice to all the new functions of the software that can now be used in a networking environment, with state of the art features.

To be able to satisfy this new demand and widen its field of action, Ressources logiques RSO Inc had to sign an agreement with Les Productions Tornade located in Montreal. Please visit their website. With his new partners, Resslog will be able to offer greater support, better answering service and excellent technical support to all it’s customers.