Product Support

We are still supporting those who want to keep using LXR*TEST 6.1.8.

TitleProduct CodeDescriptionPrice
Premium Support for 12 monthsSPT12-L3cIncludes unlimited telephone and/or e-mail technical support. This kind of support does not include the webtesting environment.600$ CAD
Extended Premium Support for 12 monthsSPT12-L3eIncludes Basic Support plus additional support for your webtesting projects. This type of support will be given by the technical team of Les Productions Tornade.1800$ CAD

Webtesting Premium Support

We have installed Webtesting projects for several large organizations. In those cases they had an IT admin working with my partner Rémi to prepare their in-house online projects. For smaller organizations that did not have local expertise to maintain their server needs, we offered to host their webtests. In both cases, Rémi was able to support our customers to their satisfaction.

When a bug came out that we were not allowed to fix, we would call Shawn Sherman and he would submit this bug to the programmers of LXR/AMP that would send us a fix for this bug. Shawn had all the expertise at AMP to fix the problem or find a workaround.

Now that AMP has pulled the plug, we won’t be able to rely on them to fix anything.

This does not mean that we have stopped supporting our customers. But the Online configuration (Webtesting extensions, SQL, policies, etc.) was our own and easier to support because it was identical in every Webtesting environment. When a problem occurred we were able to find the source of this problem and in most cases it wasn’t the setup that generated the problem.

So yes, we are able to support you, but to a certain point. Without AMP, we have limited resources. The first step in support cases is being able to replicate the customer’s problem on our own server. If the customer’s configuration is different, we may not be able to find a solution.


In a few instances, solving a technical problem could mean that Ressources logiques may have to work with the item banks of the customers. Rest assured that we will respect the confidentiality of the banks and/or tests you would send to us. If you wish, we could sign a secrecy agreement to that effect.

User’s Guides

You can buy additional User’s Guide at a discount price.

DescriptionCode du produitPrix
LXRTEST 6 User’s GuideW6UG-L2c50$ CAD