Thank you René for having included me in the great LXR-Test adventure. In fact, it’s through the question bank transfer project that we met almost 30 year ago. Afterwards, we travelled together, gave training together and became good friends.

I was always there for you when clients began to do tests online through WebTesting and I could always trust your friendship and those good meals to “celebrate” with Liane.

I will always remember our learning trips to Barry, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Vancouver, and even as far as Saudi Arabia.

You were always generous with the quality of your teaching, going as far as Haiti. You have left an indelible memory in the minds of your many students who learned as much about the science of docimology as they did about this software. And when time allowed it, you did a few magic tricks for your enthralled learners.

You improved the software by providing French-language content and the French translation of its interface and documentation.

For all of that I thank you, René.

René Saint-Onge died on May 6, 2022. René is survived by his wife Liane, his sons Patrick and Mathieu, his grandson Huxley and his sister Jeannine, as well as many friends and collaborators.